Appvn App Store: Top 3 Apps Like Appvn App Store Which You Can Download On Your Devices!

unquestionably Appvn is a very good choice, but technology gives us something new every day and so on this page, we are telling Appvn alternatives. All the apps listed below are selected out of the mob of such apps like Appvn. Searching for the proxy app stores has many reasons behind it, either the app is not available or supports your device or you do not want a paid app for free.  Alternatives to Appvn listed here is not the last resort but yes, they make a good choice for our readers to give it a try at least.

Appvn Alternatives

Undermentioned apps like Appvn displays their best of functions for the Android and iOS platform owners. It is always wise to look at both the sides of the coin and hence it is suggested to our readers to pick the one of their choice after assessing the following appvn alternatives.


Aptoide could be the new destination for your android app search after the Google play store. It makes the good Appvn alternative. With its unique “rollback” feature, users can quickly resume back to the older version of their apps. You can pick whatever you want from Aptoide pitcher. Aptoide is well known for providing the latest and timely updates of all the installed apps on your Android device. Another feature responsible for choosing Aptoide as an Appvn alternative is the category of “Apps with adult content” that controls the access of such apps. This can be done from the settings of the store. Hence these features stimulate android users to go for Aptoide as an Appvn alternative.


F-droid is one of the free and open source application that allows its users to easily browse and install the apps of their choice. Keeping track of updates is quick and easy for the users here. It does not require to register an account with it, unlike Google play store. To download F droid on Android, an apk file needs to fetch from the official website. Installation of F droid is not possible from the Google play store and hence “Unknown sources” needs to be enabled on Android before its installation. Navigating F droid offers you to update the option for already installed apps also. Overall it’s a good choice for downloading Android apps.


Getjar is one the world’s biggest open app store for Android. Getjar is free and the apps that downloaded from it are free too. It is the maverick app store application for mobile phones that offers all apps in different categories like games, entertainment, tools and many more. Getjar works on various platforms like android, blackberry, java, Symbian but still its iOS version is awaiting.  If the users are unable to make the maximum out to their Google play store, switching over Getjar is the good decision for them.


Here you have read about the three nearest apps like Appvn, that gives the similar features and pleasure of having an alternative app store. They all forms the good Appvn alternatives. All the three apps offer paid apps for free, however Aptoide is the one that seems more attractive in terms of its unique features. We suggest our readers to analyze all the alternatives well before making a firm choice in accordance with their needs and priorities. These apps are of course safe and secure although not available from the official store.

Being an android user, we are pretty sure that you would find this article useful for you. Yet, if there is anything that you would like to ask us, go ahead to write it in the below comment box without any hesitation.

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